Impact of the Pandemic, food & immunity.

Jan 29, 2021Diarmuid Crowley

How is the Pandemic affecting Food Businesses? Food as Comfort & Immune System Booster

Effects on the Food Industry

A lot of the discussion on the effect of the pandemic on the overall economy has highlighted the existence of two economies. OK, everybody is affected equally by the restrictions but in economic terms there are essentially 2 different situations.

Those whose incomes are maintaining and are stable. This will include most of those in the employment of multinationals and the public service and within the Food Industry it's those in retail (excluding convenience).

Then there are those who are "parked up". This covers anyone employed in events, personal care, non-essential retail and of course hospitality.

Food Retailing.

Multiples are doing well. It's been tricky to manage the restrictions but sales have increased despite the decrease in store visitors.

Our friends in Bord Bia have a lot of information and figures on this. Alcohol, baking, etc are flying. Interestingly personal care items are down , we are skimping on the deodorant and nail varnish. Generally however, this sector and it's suppliers have been busy. It's also been good for the Independent Grocer, the Health Food Store and the off-licence. Home deliveries have also accelerated. We in Craft Food Traders have seen a big increase in demand for foods that boost the immune system with Vitamins C & D and also in food deliveries as gifts for friends and family that haven't been visited in almost a year now.

Convenience retail has not had it so good. The travel bans and work-from-home have put a lot of pressure on this sector particularly  forecourt businesses.

Food Service & Hospitality.

Wholesaling to this sector has been the bedrock of the Craft Food Traders business so we are seeing up close the brutal effect of the lockdown on our valued customers and friends running cafes, hotels, bars, catering companies and restaurants. These are the businesses desperately in need of the state supports in terms of grants and subsidies. Public health is priority number one for everyone but we are all keen to get back to business.

We all watch on keenly in anticipation of lockdowns and vaccine roll-outs leading to a re-opening of some sort in time for summer.






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