Producers & Suppliers

Artisan Food Wholesaler and Retailer

We are an Artisan Food Wholesaler and Retailer and always looking for quality food and drink for our retail and wholesale customers.

Would you like your product listed on Craft Food Traders? 

Have a browse through our shop to see if you have any products that will complement and/or enhance our current range. 

We prefer to list products that can work in both retail (including speciality food) and foodservice but that's not a showstopper.

As an Artisan Food Wholesaler and Retailer we also prefer if suppliers are offering their products for both wholesale and retail but again it's not written in stone.

How to contact us?

Best thing to do is to email us on 

Tell us about your products. Be sure to include your USP's and where you are currently doing business. 

What happens next?

We will be in touch to get some more detail and request a sample if required.

Getting Listed?

We will order a case or 2 of your product and list on our online store. Ideally you will be able to provide us with clear, no background product shots in .jpg or .png and no more than 500kb

We will also introduce your product(s) to our wholesale customers as required.

Promotion & Marketing

As Speciality Food Suppliers you and we normally have some interesting stories to tell. Once listed we will feature your products in our New Products Collection. We will feature you on our social channels and introduce you to customers via our consumer and business email databases. 


We manage this via our own Craft Food Traders fleet and we work with another Speciality Food Supplier Gleneely Foods and with couriers/transport companies where appropriate.

We are an Artisan Food Wholesaler and Retailer who like to work closely with our supplier partners because we believe this is how to achieve best results.