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Dulra Seaweed Flakes: Winged Kelp 50g


 Organic Seaweed Flakes

Easy-to-use, delicious & nutritious seaweed. Organic Seaweed Flakes.

Experience the delicious and nutritious benefits of Dulra Organic Seaweed Flakes: Winged Kelp. This natural source of protein, B12, Zinc, and both Omega-3 and Omega-6 offers a perfect balance of umami and essential nutrients. Simply sprinkle on your food or use for cooking to add a flavorful and healthy touch to any dish.

  • Organic
  • Healthy
  • Superfood


100% dried and milled Alaria Esculenta 

                                         Per 100g                    

 Energy                                     663KJ                


Fat                                           0.7g                      

of which are saturates              0.19g                    

Carbohydrate                            54.5g                    

of which are sugars                  >0.2g                                   

Protein                                       12g                            

Salt                                            11.5g                                  

Respect for the natural environment, is at the heart of all Dulra  do. They chose seaweed cultivation rather than wild harvest because of its positive impact on the environment, being a carbon neutral food, producing protein without the need for fresh water and arable land. Also seaweed cultivation areas create important protected habitats where no fishing takes place and aquatic life is allowed to thrive in the deep waters beneath. Its taste and nutrient profiles are superior, being suspended in mid water in a consistent yet dynamic Atlantic habitat.