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The Cultured Food Company Kimchi 300g



Gut Friendly Fermented Food. Enjoy delicious and good for your gut, naturally fermented food from The Cultured Food Company. This 300g pack of Kimchi is hand-crafted and contains beneficial bacteria and live enzymes, perfect for enhancing any meal. Enjoy the healthy benefits of naturally-fermented food.

Ingredients: Chinese Cabbage (pak-choi), Daikon Radish, Spring Onions, Sea Salt, Fish Sauce (filtered water, sugar, anchovy extract), Garlic, Chilli Powder, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper. Allergens in bold.

  • 100% raw and unpasteurised

  • Rich in beneficial bacteria

  • Rich in vitamins C & K, potassium, calcium & phosphorus

  • Contain no artificial flavourings, chemicals or preservatives

  • Traditional South Korean recipe

  • Once opened keep for 2 weeks