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Soopa Healthy Dog Treats Dental Sticks Carrot & Pumpkin 100g


Sustainable Dog Treats

Soopa's Healthy Dog Treats Dental Sticks are made from natural ingredients, like carrots and pumpkin, that are sure to keep your pup's teeth clean and healthy. With sustainable production and 100g of treats per pack, these treats offer an environmentally-responsible option for daily dental hygiene.

Only 81kcal per treat!

Ingredients: Whole potato flour, tapioca starch, veg glycerine (non-palm), cellulose fibre, yeast products, carrot pieces dried 4%, organic coconut oil 2.5%, pumpkin seed 0.25%, pumpkin flour 0.25%, turmeric

  • Small dogs (under 10kg) ½ Stick / Day
  • Medium dogs (10-25kg) 1 Stick / Day
  • Large dogs (over 25kg) 2 Sticks / Day


Crude Protein 5.71%
Crude Fiber 4.2%
Oil / Fat 3.90%
Ash 1.72%
Moisture 10.1%

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Low Fat
  • Human Grade
  • Safe & Easy to Digest
  • Supports Oral Health
  • Made in Ireland
  • Sustainable Dog Treats
  • Holistic Dog Treats