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Soopa Healthy Dog Treats Senior Sticks Banana & Pumpkin 100g


Human Grade Dog Treats

Soopa Senior Sticks are human-grade dog treats specifically designed for older dogs or dogs with dental issues. Made with banana and pumpkin, these treats are rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help to support senior pet health. With added flaxseed, this amazing addition to your pooch’s dental sticks helps naturally boost their energy levels - great for senior dogs who feel a little less active as the years go on. With each 100g pack providing long-lasting enjoyment, Soopa Senior Sticks are the perfect snack for your four-legged companion.

Only 81kcal per treat!

Ingredients: Whole potato flour, tapioca starch, veg glycerine (non-palm), cellulose fibre, yeast products, banana powder 3.8%, organic coconut oil 2.38%, rapeseed oil 2%, natural flaxseed 2%, pumpkin flour 0.95%, apple molasses.

  • Small dogs (under 10kg) ½ Stick / Day
  • Medium dogs (10-25kg) 1 Stick / Day
  • Large dogs (over 25kg) 2 Sticks / Day


Oil/Fat 2.40%
Crude Protein 4.20%
Crude Fibre 1.20%
Ash 4.80%
Moisture 15.0%

Natural Ingredients
Low Fat
Human Grade Dog Treats
Safe & Easy to Digest
Supports Oral Health
Made in Ireland