Shop Local

Shop Local

Nov 16, 2020Diarmuid Crowley


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Shopping local and supporting struggling Irish business has been prominent across media and social media in Ireland this last couple of months. It's accepted now that a massive percentage of Christmas shopping will be carried out online and many people are making a conscious effort to direct their business to .ie businesses and other Irish online retailers particularly those promoting Irish products.

Credit must also go to all the Irish journalists, tv presenters and influencers who are also doing their bit to encourage support of local businesses.

With that in mind we at Craft Food Traders are expecting to be buzzing around the Irish roads in our Wild Orchard vans delivering fantastic Irish artisan drinks, snacks and gift boxes. We are adding new products all the time, listening to what our customers are telling us and watching closely which products are generating most interest. 

Every € yoyo spent locally generates multiples of this within the community as we will spend our revenue locally also. We will be supporting our suppliers obviously, including our service providers. We will get our teas and coffees locally, our lunch, our fuel, our office supplies, etc, etc. We will also be able to continue to support local charities, sports clubs and fundraisers. It's all good and the compounded benefits are enormous. 

So thank you for coming on our site and reading our blog. We hope you become a get some great gift delivery ideas and maybe check out some of our healthy snacks. Let's hope this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship, for all our benefit.



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