Supplier Spotlight – Juspy

Supplier Spotlight – Juspy

Feb 07, 2022Fiona Scally

Supplier Spotlight – Juspy

Juspy is one of our homegrown Irish products created by Limerick native and business powerhouse Leonie Lynch. It is a delicious cacao and collagen powder blend for those who love chocolate but are also health conscious.

Leonie was looking for something that was nutritious, delicious and quick - but couldn’t find anything that fit the bill on the market. Juspy is a quick fix that doesn’t compromise on health benefits.

In her own words: “Being healthy is easy when you have time, energy and a good night's sleep. In reality, most of us are too busy.”

It can be used in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle. Protein balls and pancakes can be pimped up by a scoop of this wonder powder or it can simply be blended with cold milk as a regular drink or incorporated into your daily coffee to give it that extra boost. The possibilities are endless, as are the benefits.

Leonie Lynch founder of Juspy holding a pouch of Juspy sitting at water wearing a pink dress

Juspy has 18g protein in each 40g serving. The star ingredient is 10,000mg of marine collagen in a blend of cacao, coconut nectar, pea and rice protein, coconut milk, ashwagandha, Baobab, Himalayan Pink salt, natural flavour, and sodium ascorbate. No stabilisers, no refined sugar, no additives. It is gluten and dairy free but as it contains marine collagen (a fish source) it is not vegan. It contains coconut sugar which is a natural sugar claiming to be low GI so diabetics should consume at their own discretion. While it is natural and better than refined sugar or other alternatives it is still a sugar.

Fun fact: Juspy is a made-up word but it encompasses the company’s beliefs and values as a brand in a playful way. They believe in being yourself without passing apology to anyone. “Just be you.” Juspy is the phonetical spelling of that phrase. Juspy You.

We love having Juspy available for our Craft Food Traders customers. Supporting local business while promoting a wonderful Irish product with health and wellness at its core, the dream combination!

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