Supplier Spotlight - Supernature

Supplier Spotlight - Supernature

Mar 15, 2022Fiona Scally

Noele McEvoy is the creative genius behind Supernature, a product that was born from Noele’s simple passion for making her own natural treats for one of her daughters, who was unable to have dairy, gluten or processed sugar. Creating something delicious with natural ingredients can be challenging but Supernature have hit the spot with tasting healthier versions of mainstream chocolate snacks with half the sugar and carb content; all organic, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. (They are also vegan!)

 “Supernature began because my daughter had to give up all dairy, gluten and refined sugar and I saw how hard it was to find snacks that she could eat and tasted good. That was what propelled me to start creating my own so she wouldn’t feel like she was missing out. I love that I can eat chocolate without feeling I am eating junk food and that it provides a range for everyone who loves chocolate but wants or needs a healthier option.”

 Supernature snacks are extremely versatile. They can be added to porridge or granola, transformed into protein balls or simply eaten on their own as a guilt free treat.

Fun fact: Noele is quite the sweet talker; she took her dad to Graceland and they ended up chatting with one of Elvis’s best friends!

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